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Our Services

At Restoring Balance Equine Bodywork, we envision a world where every horse experiences the benefits of balanced well-being, where their natural grace and beauty shine through their vibrant health. We are committed to being stewards of this vision, one horse at a time, as we work tirelessly to restore harmony and vitality in the lives of these incredible creatures.

All Inclusive Bodywork Sessions

We are serious about helping your horse feel restored & rejuvenated both during and after their bodywork session. To achieve this mission, our bodywork sessions are all-inclusive! Every session includes massage work & any other modalities we have to offer that will best serve your horse. So you don't have to worry about add-on fees if your horse needs more than "just a massage." Rest assured, we want the very best for your horse, too!

Click on the links below to learn about each modality we have to offer.

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