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Frequently Asked Questions

What Conditions Require Reporting Prior to a Session?

The conditions listed below require PRIOR phone or email consultation before booking or continuing with a body work session. When in doubt, always consult your veterinarian for their approval &/or evaluation. No bodyworker can or should address the conditions below without approval from their treating veterinarian. It is the owner's responsibility to notify Restoring Balance Equine Services PRIOR to the appointment if any of these conditions are present. Subject to normal cancelation & no-show policies. 


How Long Are Sessions?

Equine massage sessions last about 45-75 minutes depending on your horse. Each session includes a full body massage, however each horse has a say in when, where & how the massage is completed. Younger horses then to be closer to the 45 minute mark, whereas older horses tend to be closer to 75 minutes. 

How Do I Prepare for a Session?

  1. Arrive to your barn 15 minutes before the scheduled start time. Or earlier if your horse is hard to catch.

  2. Gather any supplies you may need; such as halter, lead rope, fly spray, grooming supplies, etc.

  3. If the session is schedule near your horse's routine feeding time, please feed your horse prior to the session. 

  4. Ensure your horse is properly groomed with all mud / muck removed from the coat prior to the start time. It is not possible to have an effective massage or k-tape session when the coat is caked with mud / ice / water / etc.

  5. Evaluate your barn & determine a safe, low distraction area that can be used for the session. This space should also be a place where your horse feels relaxed & comfortable.

  6. Be present, grounded & relaxed during the session to ensure a safe working environment for all parties. You share a deep connection with your horse that can effluence their mental & emotional state.  

Please note that late arrivals, muddy / icy coat conditions, & catching fees will apply & be strongly enforced. Sessions maybe cut short if there are scheduling conflicts that prevent the extension of your scheduled time. 

Do I Need to Be Present During the Session?

For massage only sessions, the owner or an experienced handler is required for the initial session. This allows for a full evaluation to determine if your can be safely massaged without a handler. It is also important for us to discuss in person your goals with the session(s) & time for me to learn the "lay of the land" at your facility. Subsequent sessions can be done without the owner present with prior approval. Again, safety & effectiveness of the session is of utmost importance.

For kinesiology taping sessions, the owner or an experienced handler must be present. There are a few reasons for this. The first, in order to perform an accurate evaluation, the horse may need to be lunged or lead for biomechanics. The second, many application require the horse to hold a certain body position while applying the tape, such as lateral flexion or rounding the back. 

Please note that grooming and/or catching fees may apply and may reduce the session length if there are scheduling conflicts.

How Do I know What Was Found During a Session?

If you are present during the session, I will gladly point out anything that might be concerning. In addition, please feel free to ask questions during the session or send a message afterwards. I am here to assist you.

Regardless of if you were present during the session or not, a Session Report will be supplied for every session. These reports detail what was found & what actions I took to resolve the tension/restriction/ etc. The reports are complete with images that point point the areas of interest. If you setup a client portal, you can access all of Session Reports, schedule new services & much more. 

To view a sample Session Report click here.

You can learn more about the software I utilized by visiting EquiPro Connect. 

What to Expect After a Session?

 After a massage session, I recommend hand walking or easy turn out for 10-20 minutes. This allows the body to continue flush the system. Unless a sports massage was performed, I do not recommend riding your horse for the following 24 hours to prevent injury & to allow the body to continue post massage recovery. You will notice increased water intake & waste movements (urine & defecation), which is a normal part of the body flushing the system.

After a kinesiology taping session, if your horse's condition allows it, I recommend hand walking for 10-20 minutes. 

How to Remove Kinesiology Tape?

  • Slowly peel up an end of the tape strip

  • Slowly roll the tape in the direction of the hair, staying close to the body

  • Do NOT pull straight up (perpendicular to the body) 

  • Do NOT remove against the direct of the hair

  • If needed, you can use soap/water or baby oil to loosen up the adhesive 

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